Individual and Couple Counselling & Therapy in English

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You probably already know this: situations get you out of balance; a nagging issue at work, a family conflict or problems in a relationship.

You feel something should happen, but you don’t know what to do. Your head is full of thoughts going round in circles. What you need is a positive step forward that will take you further.

If you recognise yourself in this description, a viewpoint from the outside might be helpful. Let’s talk and find out which solution you are looking for, what you need for that – and what answers you already carry within you.

If you need counselling in your relationship, we can take a closer look at where you stand as a couple and how you can strengthen your existing resources. What issues are you struggling with? What will your next step be?

Often, it is about moulding the relationship for both partners in a way that feels fulfilling, so that both partners can say a loud “YES!” to one another and continue their way forward together.

However, there is a chance the solution may be a positive farewell. Going separate ways can be a chance for personal development for both. Occasionally, something has to end so that something new can develop.

Neda Mohagheghi
Systemische Beratung & Therapie für Paare und Einzelpersonen
Düsterer-Eichen-Weg 22
37073 Göttingen
Telefon: 0551- 99 96 97 26
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